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Super light low profile baitcasting reel from BFT. Perfect for both power and finesse perch fishing.

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What is this?

BFT Instinct X11 Finesse is a super light low profile baitcaster. It weighs in on 170g and features a super shallow finesse spole (weighing only 11g!). With a light spool you can easily cast very small lures longer and with more precision.

Perfect for your perch fishing with twitch, rattle and crankbaits and also finesse jigheads, sinkers and softbaits! Other features are; gear ratio of 7.1:1, 10+1 ball bearings, light reinforced handle with EVA grips, aluminum main shaft and an improved magnetic brake for better spool and line control!

- Left Handed

- Low Profile

- Gear Ratio 7.1:1

- Ultra Shallow Finesse Spool 11g, 100m 0,20mm

- 170g

- Aluminium main shaft

- EVA grip handle knobs

This is the baitcasting reel that Albin Sharghi used in Perch Pro 2017.

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