Pig Shad - Yellow Dawn

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The Pig Shad from Strike Pro - a first class pike snack!

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What is this?

The wooden Pig jerkbait is a true pike slayer, therefore the world was very pleased when Strike Pro introduced the Pig Shad as a natural follower. It has the same body shape as the Pig jerkbait but is made of soft plastics and has a big paddle tail in the back that makes the lure really behave like an injured baitfish trying to swim away from a predator. 

The color Yellow Dawn was invented by Pontus Sjölund and Johan Ruhe. The point here was to test out a very diffrent look of lure and play around with colors to re-create a contrast look of a perch or any other striped fish that may serve as staple food in some waters. The yellow color was put in to make it stand out perfect to any backround and really pop presented on both shady and clear skies. How does it perform? You tell us! 

Perfect to rig with a BFT Shallow Stinger with a BFT Flexhead Pike or a shallow screw.

23 cm, 90 gr.

Click here to see video on how to rig it:

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