Shimano Yasei Perch C & T Rig Spin Fast, 7-20gr

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The mid-priced Yasei AX Perch Carolina & Texas Rig Casting is specifically designed for perch fishing using American style bass set-ups like Carolina and Texas rigs. The slim lightweight blank has a fast action to maximise casting distance and a very sensitive solid tip to enhance bite detection and cushion lightening fast hook-sets.

Perch fishing is gaining popularity and if you are an angler who specialises in this widespread and often underestimated species, you’ll probably be aware of American type bass rigs and how to fish them. Offering more options and versatility than the standard jig head/shad combination, modern American softbait set-ups can be extremely effective and almost addictive to use. But it does help if you have the correct rod.

2,30m 7-20gr.