Eastfield Slingshot baitcasting rod 7´9" 40-110g



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Nordic-style casting-rod series for pike!

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Eastfield proudly presents their exclusive, lightweight, Nordic-style  casting-rod series for pike! These rods are thoughtfully and  ergonomically designed with a pure focus on function and feeling.

Slingshot is 7'9" long and has a casting weight of 40-105g. This super sensitive, yet strong rod, is the perfect "downsizing rod" but can still cast bigger baits of 80-100 grams with ease. The action is fast-progressive with a slightly deeper action than its big brother, Catapult.

Slingshot is made in a 30/40 tons graphite blend which gives the perfect  combination of light weight, fast response and strength. Fuji ACS soft touch reel seat and American Tackle guides.

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