Flatnose Shad - Spring 2017 Bundle

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A bundle with all five new colors of the Flatnose Shad with a stinger and 5-pack Bauer Power Rattles.

  • Flatnose Shad - Transparent Perch (ord. pris: 139 kr)
  • Flatnose Shad - Ghost Roach (ord. pris: 139 kr)
  • Flatnose Shad - Sexy Shad (ord. pris: 139 kr)
  • Flatnose Shad - Kiwi Burbot (ord. pris: 139 kr)
  • Flatnose Shad - Black Okoboji Perch (ord. pris: 139 kr)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger Small - Stainless Steel (ord. pris: 79 kr)
  • Bauer Power Rattles - Clear - 5 pack (ord. pris: 49 kr)
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These five new colors cover everything from super clear water with the Transparent Perch, Ghost Roach and Kiwi Burbot while the Sexy Shad and Black Okoboji Perch usually work wonders in a bit darker waters...

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