Dobb Daddy Spinfly with Dragon Tail, Homeless Dragon



Dobb Daddy fly with dragon tail you can fish with your ordinary spinfishing gear!

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Was ist das?

Dobb Daddy is a new system developed by Niklas Holmér at Fly-Dressing that makes it possible to fish pike flies with your regular spin fishing gear - from now on you won't be outfished by your fly fishing buddies during those days when the pike prefer a slowly pulsating fly before a rubber och hard bait. The dob has a weight of 28 gr and it casts really good! 

The Dobb Daddy works great with most regular pike spin fishing equipments.

Click here to watch a short informative video about the Dobb Daddy system:

Click here to watch the Dobb Daddy in action:

If you want to add a Wiggle Tail, just attach a Fastach Snap to the back hook and tie the tail to a Snap for Tails.

We recommend you to buy an extra bag of Rubber Balls as they are very important for the function of the Dobb Daddy system and they might wear out after a number of pike caught.