Giant Pig Tail, 40cm, 130g


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Was ist das?

Giant Pig Tail 40cm is a tailbait in soft plastisol inspired by the classic jerkbait The Pig. The Giant Pig Tail has a seductive rolling gait while the head sways slightly from side to side. The tail twists at a low frequency rate and the rattle chamber in the tail creates that clicking sound that can be a real game changer.

A perfect imitation of an injured baitfish slowly moving forward with its last strength. The Giant Pig Tail has a unique profile that resembles a fat baitfish. It is excellent for use with the Flexhead Pike and the CWC Giant Tandem Stinger Rig. A real GIANT!

Lenght: 40cm
Weight: 130gr

Köderlänge 31+cm
Weight 121-140 gr
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