Pig Shad Tournament 18cm 2-pack



Perfect swimming action jig

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Looking for that perfect swimming action and size for your pike fishing? Look no further! The Pig Shad Tournament is the latest addition to the Pig Shad family, 18cm long and 30g it has all the qualifications to move any pike to strike.

Designed as a smaller pike fishing compliment to the Pig Shad Junior, the hook guide slot in the back is made deeper and a slot entry on the belly is added. Making it ideal for Tournament anglers.

Optimal size of Owner Beast Weedles hook is 8/0. The Pig Shad Tournament is made to fit 10/0 Owner Beast as well. (Weighted or Unweighted) Comes in 2packs. You can also use it with a M-WAR stinger.

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Perfect swimming action jig