Pike Fishing Set-up (Fishgal and Hannah)

  • Abu Garcia® Beast Pro Casting Rod, 802 Allround Pike 40-100g (Preis: £180.95)
  • Berkley Sick Braid Hi-Vis Yellow 150m, 0,39mm (Preis: £17.31)


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Was ist das?

The perfect set-up for your pike fishing! Rod and reel from Abu Garcia who are known for always having high quality in their products. Together with Berkley Sick Braid Hi-Vis Yellow 150m, 0,33mm. 

BEAST PRO is a series of pike rods for specialists: when you are looking for the best equipment available for hunting giant pikes, BEAST PRO is what you are looking for. 40-100g.

Abu Garcia Max 40/41 Baitcasting reel is built for heavy duty applications. It can handle larger line capacities, upgraged drags, and bait clickers.

Drag Material: Carbon Fiber
Drag Type: Star Drag
Gear Ratio: 6.4:1 (75cm)
Max Drag LB: 24lb | 10.8kg

Berkley SICK 8 strand PE braid, super smooth high-performance line with low stretch and high knot strength. 0,39mm.