Shimano 22 SLX Baitcasting Reel



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Was ist das?

The SLX is a stunning value for money baitcaster that delivers solid performance at a remarkably low price point. Ticking all the right boxes, when it comes to features and performance this is Shimano value, quality and credibility and a price that almost defies logic.
The SLX is the perfect choice if you are starting to fish with baitcasting reels. Perhaps you have used spinning reels in the past, but now want to try something more direct, compact and lighter. Or perhaps you just want great value for money. Whatever your motivation, you can’t go wrong with the versatile SLX.

It takes many of the tried and trusted features found on Shimano’s more expensive reels and packages them in a distinctive compact HAGANE Body that is easy to handle and use, even for inexperienced anglers.

When it comes to the cheaper end of the market there is often a trade off between quality and price. But SLX has rewritten the rule book. For a start it uses a high-end HAGANE Body made of lightweight aluminium, which is important because a strong framed reel works more effectively when under pressure.

Casting is controlled by Shimano’s long-standing VBS spool braking, which uses adjustable centrifugal weights that can be pre-set to suit your style and preference. And to ensure minimal vibration when casting the superb S3D spool comes as standard. Finally, when you hook into your first fish you’ll certainly appreciate the slightly longer handle, which provides the power to control the toughest fish.

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