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Below you will find ready to fish combos with long detailed descriptions on everything you need to know. We have some recommendations: If you want to fish for perch we have this set with rod and a reel with pre-spooled line and everything you need like leader, hooks and lures! If you want a great beginners set for pike check out this set, also everything you need is included! If you have kids and are looking for combos to get them started, check out the Ike Dude series from Abu Garcia. It is made for kids and are very easy to use! We have also collected our favorite lures in different bundles here.

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Plano Two-Tray Tackle Box


289 kr(329 kr)

Abu Garcia® Tormentor Spinning Combo 2pcs

Abu Garcia

En rupture de stock

949 kr

La gamme Tormentor est une série de combos spinning qui s’adresse au pêcheur qui recherche...

Fishingset Perch (Beginners set)

Abu Garcia

999 kr(1430 kr)

Everything you need to get started!

Fishingset Pike (Beginners set)

Abu Garcia

1599 kr(1708 kr)

If you are looking for a priceworthy set you have it here! We included some jigs that's pe...

#LMAB Köfi Perch 14cm with jigheads

119 kr(128 kr)

Choose color of KÖFI Perch together with jigheads!

Berkley® Pro Pack Perch


Low stock

79 kr

Le kit complet parfait pour pêcher la perche; contenant une large sélection de leurres sou...

Flatnose Mini with Jig heads

EJ Lures

179 kr(198 kr)

Flatnose Mini from Edvin Johansson is an effective soft bait for perch! Together with jig...

Monkey Brute 7,5cm with jigheads

99 kr(118 kr)

Must have perch snack!

Nettel Mini with jigheads

Nettel Baits

119 kr(138 kr)

Choose color of Nettel Mini - 6 pack with jighead 3/0, choose weight.

Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spincast Combo 10-30gr for kids (Encapsuled)

Abu Garcia

Low stock

499 kr

For our younger anglers!

Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spinning Combo 3-15gr for kids

Abu Garcia

499 kr

For our younger anglers! Including Monkey Brute Zalt&Pepper Lime!

Hooligan Roach Micro 5cm with Jig Heads!

119 kr(128 kr)

Hooligan Roach Micro choose between different colors with SPRO Round Jig Head Size 2 choos...

Hooligan Roach Tiny 6,5cm With Jig Heads


119 kr(128 kr)

Hooligan Roach Tiny 6,5 choose between different colors with SPRO Round Jig Head #1, 7gr!

Berkley Sick Pack Perch

Low stock

139 kr(159 kr)

Berkley Sick Pack Pike


En rupture de stock

179 kr