Fishingset Spinning Shimano Nasci 3-14gr

  • Shimano Nasci Spinningrod 6'11'' (3-14g) (Preis: €141,84)
  • Shimano Nasci FC Spinning Reel , 4000, 4.7:1 (Preis: €106,36)
  • PowerPro Sup 8 Slick V2 Moon Shine 135m, 0,15mm (Preis: €26,52)


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Was ist das?

The NASCI Spinning rod range takes inspiration from the Nasci reel, with understated elegance combined with unquestionable functionality. Paired up together with the matching Nasci Spinning Reel 4000 of course, 4.7:1 and PowerPro Sup 8 Slick V2 Moon Shine 135m line from Shimano. This is a great allround fishingset up to 14gr. 


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