Selected by Team Galant

Edvin and Tobias from Team Galant are two experienced anglers who have spent many years perfecting their fishing techniques. They have carefully selected a range of lures and set-ups that they believe are the most effective for catching a variety of fish species. If you have a hard time knowing what to choose, we have listed some favorites below.

Edvin's Perch Bundle 1 Finesse Team Galant


This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!

Tobias Perch Bundle 1 Slow/Cold water fishing (Team Galant)


This is Tobias favorite lures for cold water fishing for perch. In this bundle you get 30 ...

Tobias Perch Bundle 3 Finesse (Team Galant)


Finesse fishing is a technique that involves using lighter tackle and lures in an effort t...

Kanalgratis Official Christmas Calendar 2024


Bestellt jetzt den Kanalgratis Weihnachtskalender vor. In einem der Kalender ist ein golde...

M-WAR Carabus 10cm with jigheads


Choose color on the M-WAR Carabus 10cm paired up with 3/0 jigheads, choose weight.

June Bug Bundle


No one can resist this color!

Monkey Ned 7cm with jigheads



Flatnose Shad Bass 12,5cm with jigheads


Flatnose Shad Bass together withM-WAR Jig Heads #5/0 3-pack (BKK). Choose your favorite co...

Monkey Brute 7,5cm with jigheads


Must have perch snack!

#LMAB Köfi Perch 7cm with jigheads



Team Galant approved ✅

Nettel Mini with jigheads

Nettel Baits


Choose color of Nettel Mini - 6 pack with jighead 3/0, choose weight.

Fatnose Shad With M-WAR Shallow Stinger 3/0 Bundle


Choose color of Fatnose Shad including M-WAR Stinger 3/0!

Favorite downsize pike bundle


This bundle has you covered for your pike fishing!