NAYS CRNK 7,5cm (Crankbait)



Long-awaited crankbait from NAYS

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Was ist das?

The CRNK, a long-awaited addition to Nays’ lineup, has been designed to the highest standards from end to end. This floating crankbait is perfect for steady retrieves, stop-and-go techniques and bottom tapping. It demonstrates a well-balanced action that prevents it from breaking out. This lure is completely lead-free and features a silent design. To minimize fail attacks, it is equipped with two high quality BKK trebles.

7,5cm, 19,2gr and running depth 0.5–1.7m. Equipped with KK Spear 21-SS size 4 hooks.


Köderlänge 6-7 cm
Köderlänge 8-10 cm
Weight 16-20 gr
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Long-awaited crankbait from NAYS