Shark Shad - Search & Destroy 20 cm

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Super cool softbait designed in Sweden by Shark Shad Lures.

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What is this?

The Shark Shad was designed by Swedish lure builder Coffe Persson (Shark Shad Lures). 

When Pontus Sjölund saw the Shark Shad for the first time on Facebook it was love at first sight and when he saw the swimming action - well, then there was no doubt that we wanted to bring this lure to the Kanalgratis family. He contacted Coffe and the rest is history.

The over-sized paddle creates a lot of movement while the fins are slowing down the action, resulting in a lure with a slow, heavy rolling action - like a traditional paddle tail jig but in slow-motion. Click here to see the swimming action - it will blow you (and the pike) away. 

Can be fished extremely slow as well as really fast when fishing in warmer water. It has produced many big pike already and we're sure that it'll become a new classic for predator anglers all over Europe.

Can be rigged both on a shallow screw as well as a BFT Flexhead Pike. Add a Bauer Power Rattle in the paddle and make sure to be ready with a hard hook set...

20 cm, 70 gr. Available in Motorpike, Hot Pike, Daddy Shark, Mummy Shark and Real Shark. Produced in the Kanalgratis factory in Sri Lanka.

Length 20-22 cm
Weight 61-80 gr