Monkey Brute 17cm 3-pack


99 kr

New pike softbait developed by Edvin Johansson!

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What is this?

Monkey Brute 17 cm (35gr) is especially developed to be fished extremely slow and with very light weights. With the narrow body and the special design on the paddle it gets an very attractive movement in the water when fishing it very slow, especially if you make a spinstop and let the lure drop.

We recommend to fish it those days then the pike need some extra time to think and are hard to catch. A real magnet and a safecard to catch the pike! Perfect tournament lure.

Rig tips: Rig it on a double/single stinger with hook sizes 1/0 or 2/0. This one for example. Screwhead size M-S.

Length 16-19 cm
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New pike softbait developed by Edvin Johansson!