Casting rods

Casting rods are built for baitcastingreels, that you mount on top of the rod. During the last few years the development of new castingrods has improved with high quality components to give you better precision and casting length. With a baitcasting set-up you normally have better control than with spinning gear, since you can control the length and your casts with your thumb and many options on your reel.

Normally you use baitcasting gear when fishing for heavier pike fishing (or bass/muskie fishing in the US). But the last few years more people have come to use it also for lighter fishing for perch and zander. It's a fun way of improving your skills. If you need any help with what rod to choose, we are in the chat bubble to the right! We have a great beginners set for pike fishing here.

Abu Garcia Beast Pike Casting Rod

Abu Garcia

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BEAST is the number one sub brand for avid pike anglers.

Nays One Casting Rods



New in! Casting rods from Nays.

Abu Garcia Svartzonker Classic Motoroil Casting 7'6 7-24g

Abu Garcia/Svartzonker



Abu Svartzonker Perch 6'10 5-21g Casting

Abu Garcia/Svartzonker



Beast X Cork Pike 662 HP 45-100g Casting

Abu Garcia



Saxa Shade - "The Perch Editon" Baitcast 7'3'' - 5-21gr




High-end perch rod by Saxa!

BFT Roots G2 7,6' MH, Tailgunner - 80g, Baitcasting

BFT - Big Fish Tackle

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Back to the Roots! Hard-Core predator rods designed by Jimmy Lindahl, CWC Fishing Team.

Daiwa Prorex XR Baitcast, 7'1'' 5-25g




The Prorex XR baitcasting rods offer exclusive DAIWA components and latest technology!

Abu Garcia Beast X Pike Casting Rod

Abu Garcia


BEAST X is designed for (big) pike fishing.

Abu Garcia® Beast Pro Casting Rod

Abu Garcia


BEAST PRO is a series of pike rods for specialists: when you are looking for the best equi...

BFT Instinct Reloaded baitcasting rod

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


New priceworthy series from BFT!