Edvin's Perch Bundle 2 Flatnose Mini Team Galant

  • Flatnose Mini - Galaxy (prix: £10.09)
  • Flatnose Mini - Motorpike (prix: £10.09)
  • Flatnose Mini - Zalt & Pepper (prix: £10.09)
  • Flatnose Mini - Pear Drop (prix: £10.09)
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A must have bait if you ask Edvin (and many, many others).

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In this bundle there is a bait that Edvin cares a bit extra for, he's own developed bait FLATNOSE MINI! If Edvin could choose one bait to use the rest of his life, Flatnose Mini would have been the first choice! It is a great allround jig that works for perch, zander and even the pike are sometimes having a hard time staying away. A must have in your perch box, with other words! We recommend to rig it on a 4/0 jighead.

10x Flatnose Mini - Atomic Chicken
10x Flatnose Mini - Zalt & Pepper Lime
10x Flatnose Mini - Pear Drop
10x Flatnose Mini - Galaxy 

Longueur 8-10 cm
Weight 6-10 gr