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Combining the lifelike action of a pulsating fly with the seductive movement of a Wiggle Tail is proven to be a deadly combo that will help you catch more fish no matter if you fish for pike, perch, trout or any other predatory fish.

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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Wiggle Tails is a smart invention developed by an Italian angler named Paolo Pacchiarini. He has travelled all over the world and caught a huge number of species on Wiggle Tail flies - including a number of world records. Here in Sweden the most popular field of use is for pike fly fishing but lately they have became extremely popular also for perch and trout fly fishing.

The Wiggle Tail comes "unrigged" and we recommend tying them on a "Snap for Tail" which allows you to change tail on your flies very quickly. If you like you can of course also tie them directly on the hook of your fly. 

Click here to see a video of Niklaus Bauer talking about and showing different ways of rigging Wiggle Tails.

To give the tail a better movement in the water we recommend to stretch "the inside" of the Wiggle Tail a little bit which makes it a bit softer. Watch this short video to see how it's done.

Watch the Wiggle Tail in action (with underwater footage): Pike Fishing - Brown Trout Fishing - Perch Fishing

Size M is perfect for your perch and trout flies, XXL is a good allround size for pike fishing while Jumbo Slim and Jumbo Wide are the big brothers of the Wiggle Tail family, perfect for the big pike, muskie etcetera...

Available in Holo Gold, Holo Silver, Holo Black and Fluo Yellow. Comes in 3 pack.

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Combining the lifelike action of a pulsating fly with the seductive movement of a Wiggle T...