#LMAB Easy Snap 15pcs



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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The #LMAB Easy Snap is a great way to easily change lures. It's a type of Fastach clip made from a wire with a spiral design that allows for hooking lures without the need for an opening mechanism. To use, simply screw the eyelet of the lure into the spiral of the Easy Snap. The lure holds securely and can be changed multiple times without wearing out the material. Fastach clips offer a relatively high weight capacity for their compact size. Especially during the winter, changing lures becomes significantly easier with these little helpers, and there's no risk of accidentally forgetting to close them.

Package Contents: 15 pieces
The #LMAB Easy Snap at a glance:

- Relatively high weight capacity in a small size
- Quick lure changes possible
- No need for opening and closing
- No material fatigue
- Great for winter fishing
- Sturdy wire construction
- Available in three different sizes: S, M, and L

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