LMAB Tungsten Round Jig 3/0


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Jigheads from LMAB made of Tungsten

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Jig heads are a science in themselves. The new #LMAB Round Jig is a tungsten jig hook at the highest level. Based on a super sharp Japanese Sasame jig hook, a really perfect jig head has been created here. The hook is durable and has a matte finish. It anchors even more easily in the fish's mouth and retains its grip for a long time, even with occasional stone contact.

The processing of the high-density tungsten head is perfect. One looks in vain for ridges and edges here. The hook is embedded completely free of wobbling and play and the small wire bait holder holds every soft lure securely without destroying filigree soft baits. The head is painted in unobtrusive Green Pumpkin and has an imprint that gives an immediate indication of the weight. So weight guessing is no longer an issue here. Thanks to the high density of the material, the #LMAB Round Jig transports all softbaits to the bottom faster than comparable products made of lead and, due to its greater hardness, also gives optimal feedback on the condition of the bottom of the water.

This improves bait control, which also has a positive effect on catching success. On average, the head can also be chosen one size smaller due to the lower volume, which can reduce hangers. More jig head is not possible. The Tungsten Round Jig is the perfect jig head for those who don't want to compromise on the water. Of course, like all #LMAB Tungsten products, it's 100% lead-free and non-toxic.

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Jigheads from LMAB made of Tungsten