Monkey Fry 7cm - Purple (Bulk Recycle)


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These Lures are made based on rubber you recycled with us in the project ” Turn your trash in to cash". This pilot project was conducted at the sportfishing fair in Stockholm. We also heard your request to enable lures to be sold in pcs instead of larger bags. So here we go! You may now buy this bulk batches on a piece by piece basis. We hope you like this treat!

Good job and thanks for recycling with us.

The Monkey Fry is a small 7 cm finesse softbait that will catch fish when nothing else does. The tiny size and subtle movement makes it perfect for waters with heavy fishing pressure and when conditions aren’t ideal - falling air pressure, cold weather, rain etcetera. It’s also a great lure for catching LOTS of fish due to the small size.

2,5 gr, 7 cm, comes in 1-pcs. 

Longueur 6-7 cm
Weight 1-5 gr
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