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Kanalgratis Official Christmas Calendar 2023



Le calendrier de Noël classique de Kanalgratis est comme au bon vieux temps. Les portes so...

Edvin's Perch Bundle 1 Finesse Team Galant


This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!

Team Galant Perch Spinningset Finesse


Fishing set-up for perch fishing. This combination of gear is perfect for a variety of dif...

Team Galant's favorite perch lures

En rupture de stock


This bundle is with some of Tobias Ekvall and Edvin Johansson's favorite lures for perch f...

Tobias Perch Bundle 1 Slow/Cold water fishing (Team Galant)


This is Tobias favorite lures for cold water fishing for perch. In this bundle you get 30 ...

Tobias Perch Bundle 3 Finesse (Team Galant)


Finesse fishing is a technique that involves using lighter tackle and lures in an effort t...