Gator BaitFish Bundle - rod, line, reel (Spinning)

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Very price-worthy perch spin-fishing combo!

  • Gator BaitFish - Perch Spinning Rod 8', 3-20gr (2-piece) (price: $156.87)
  • Iron-t 0,119 mm braid Fluo Green (price: $26.13)
  • Quantum Smoke Spinning 25 (price: $209.34)
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What is this?

Gator BaitFish - Perch Spinning Rod 8', 3-20gr (2-piece)

With an Xtra fast, super sensative white hi-viz tip, you never miss even the most senstive of bites!

The 8ft 3-20gm super slim blank has imense strength to handle all fishing situations, even if you hook a big gator by mistake, you have control!

Fully equipped with G2 Apex ergo-vibration sensing seat, A-frame 316 stainless guides with micro tip guides, your super slim blank feels like an extension of your arm and a pleasure to fish.

Gators deluxe slim form EVA grip and titanium detailing highlights the premium rod you are fishing!

Supplied in a cool white protective sock for transport security.

Ideal for traditional jig, dropshot, shakeyheads, neko and offset fishing.

Gunki SWG FV 200 Spinning Reel

The Gunki SWG FV is a spinning reel designed to handle a variety of different fishing situations in both fresh and saltwater and the 200 size is perfect for perch fishing. 5 ball bearings, gear ratio 5.1/1 giving you 65 cm of line per handle turn and the weight is 252 grams - a straight forward spinning reel that will do the job without any extra attention from you. Very priceworthy if you ask us.

Spool capacity 195 m/0,20 mm.

Slide Braid Iron-T Fluo Green - 0,119 mm (5,88 kg)

Made from top quality PE fibres, we have worked on the density of this braid to get a perfectly round profile. This rigid line is great for intensive cast and retrieve lure fishing. A Teflon surface coating improves casting performance gaining valuable extra meters every cast.

The absence of stretch gives the line excellent linear strength and great knot resistance. The Flouro Green colour allows you follow every cast and detect subtle pulls on the line.


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