Fishingset Rainbow Trout 2-12gr

  • Abu Garcia Toby 10g - Auric (Preis: £4.13)
  • Spinning rod Golden Catch, 2.24m 2-12g (Preis: £92.39)
  • Shimano Miravel Spinning Reel , 2500 5.0:1 (Preis: £93.89)
  • Spiderwire 8, Vanish Dual Spool 150m braided Line, 0,09mm (Preis: £22.48)
  • Shiny Golden Catch Hover 10g - #11GSF (Preis: £4.44)


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Was ist das?

Rainbow trout fishing is a beloved pastime cherished by anglers around the world. One of the joys of rainbow trout fishing lies in the diversity of environments where they can be found.

From swift-flowing rivers to deep, cool lakes, these adaptable fish thrive in a variety of habitats, making them accessible to anglers in many different regions. 

This Rainbow Trout kit has you covered for different types of fishing spots and water conditions.

This kit contains: 

Spinning rod Golden Catch Volt 2.24m 2-12g
Shimano Miravel Haspelrulle 2500, 5.0:1
Shiny Golden Catch Hover 10g i färgen #11GSF
Abu Garcia Toby 10g, Auric
Spiderwire 8, Vanish Dual Spool 150m, 0,09mm

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