Kanalgratis Official Christmas Calendar 2024


The best-seller is back! Kanalgratis Christmas calendar 2024 is now available for pre-ordering!

This purchase will pay 3 190 fishcoins now!
What is this?

The best-seller is back! Kanalgratis Christmas calendar 2024 is now available for pre-ordering! The calendar will start to be sent out in September.

Kanalgratis Christmas calendar is classic like the good old times. The doors are torn up and it is not possible to cheat without it being visible. The bottom and the top are glued and there is also glue between the doors which keeps the products in place. Santa has filled up the calendar with 24 carefully selected fishing products, some created exclusively for this calendar. It mostly contains products for perch, zander and pike and you are guaranteed to find kanalgratis favorites from our own brands together with other mega favorites you will find on this page or in our YouTube videos.

Like previously, we have also hidden a golden ticket!

If you get this ticket, you and your friend will win a complete fishing day together with Tobias Ekvall & Edvin Johansson from Team Galant. You will be placed at the best secret fishing spots and record a YouTube video for our channel during two whole days!
Accommodation is included! The video from previous year’s winners is now on our YouTube Channel. 

We will release a Christmas calendar show during December every morning where we open the doors day by day together with you, along with shenanigans and rhymes just like the previous year! However, with a bigger sofa. 😂

Stop stop stop ☝️ Keep this in mind! 👇

You pre-order & pre-pay for your calendar now as the edition is very limited and will soon run out of stock. Not joking!

The calendar is a pre-order and will be delivered during November!

Kindly avoid mailing us before in the middle of November with topics such as ‘Where is my calendar?’ It will arrive! We promise!

The products inside the calendar are valued at SEK 2512, hence you will save a remarkable SEK 917 kr (36%) in comparison to purchasing the products one by one in our shop. Of course you will receive Fishcoins as well for this order and you are able to use your regular customer discount such as Gold, Silver and Diamond! Hooja!

If you order something beyond the calendar that does not reach the free shipping limit, a shipping fee will be added.


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The best-seller is back! Kanalgratis Christmas calendar 2024 is now available for pre-orde...