Savage Gear Tungsten Ball Jighead 4/0



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Tungsten has a higher density than lead and therefore a smaller volume, giving a more finesse presentation while still retaining good casting ability, water penetration and fast sinking. Success in fishing comes down to attention to detail – even with small items like jig heads. That’s why we designed these Savage ball jig heads, featuring ultra-sharp, forged high carbon steel wire hooks with nano points and micro barbs.

Each hook size has also been carefully designed with the perfect wire diameter for optimised strength and penetration. The precision moulded round heads come in a range of sizes suitable for a wide selection of soft lures. They also feature three different types of body holders, to make sure your soft lure is securely held in place no matter what you’re fishing for.

Matt black jighead. Choose weight.
10,6gr comes in 2-pack
14gr comes in 1-pack
18gr comes in 1-pack

Hook Size 4/0
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