Berkley DEX Mullet Walker 9cm, 12,9g



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What is this?

A surface bait has never been more easy to fish! With the slightest movement the Mullet Walker skits from left to right, leaving an enticing trail of bubbles. From seabass and bluefish to leerfish and barracuda, this bait will trigger those explosive surface bites. Due to the wire-through construction the Mullet Walker is the right choice for heavy duty saltwater surface fishing.

  • Floating
  • Extra durable, SW-resistant treble hooks
  • Super easy walk-the-dog action, even in wavy conditions
  • Leaves an enticing trace of bubbles on the surface
  • Internal wire-through construction for great durability, heavy fishing and the strongest fish

9cm, 12,9g

Length 8-10 cm
Weight 11-15 gr
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