BUNDLE (Perfect Christmas Gift) Plier, box, Fatnose Shad and stinger

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We put together this bundle that we think would be highly appreciated to recieve as a Christmas gift! Please note: Edvin is NOT included in the bundle 😆

  • Fatnose Shad - Dirty Roach (price: $8.12)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger - Stainless Steel (price: $8.12)
  • M-WAR Splitring plier (price: $15.32)
  • BFT Box Jerkbait (price: $16.35)
This purchase will pay 938 fishcoins now!
What is this?

Fatnose Shad - Dirty Roach

Edvin Johansson, member of Team Galant and also known from "Fishing with Edvin and Philip", is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for pike fishing. The Fatnose Shad has a high profile and a small body which gives it a really seducing movement in slow speeds. These characteristics also makes the lure more easily spotted and lures the pike upp from the depths. Fatnose Shad is a follow up to the popular Flatnose Shad.

Just like its little brother, The Fatnose Shad can be rigged in many different ways to fit your fishing situation perfectly - for the shallow fishing you can just simply rig it on a Shallow Screw and a BFT Shallow Stinger - Stainless Steel. For fishing in deeper waters we recommend a BFT Flexhead Pike jighead with a weight that fits the depth you want to fish at, the deeper the heavier jighead. Don't forget to try and insert a Bauer Power Rattle in the paddle, this way you'll have all the odds on your side.

23 cm long and weighs 60 gr.

BFT Shallow Stinger - Stainless Steel

This ready-to-use stinger works as a replacemt for your custum build tackle or rigs. Easy to use and very durable. This particular product is made out of stainless steel and has a very long lifetime, highly suitable for those who fish in salt or brackish water or those who wear and tear on their gear a lot - pro anglers, guides etc.

The BFT Shallow Stinger Stainless Steel is made of 100 lbs 7-strand Stainless Steel Wire and are equipped with two 2/0 sharp hooks.

BFT Box Jerkbait

Perfect box for big lures like softbaits, jerkbaits etcetera.

36 x 22 x 8 mm.

M-WAR Splitring plier (with cutter)

The main use of this plier is to open splitrings and cut off lines etc, but you can also use it to unhook fish and more. Very useful especially when there's colder outside which makes it harder to change hooks etc. This plier will make it a lot easier!

The risk of cutting or hurt yourself is always big when out fishing, therfor neccessary pliers will make everything easier and safer.

This plier comes in a nice packagin and are perfect to wrap and give away!