Bullseye Dentist Baitcasting 220, 45-120gr



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What is this?

The Bullseye The Dentist Cast 220 45-120g is the little brother of the Bullseye Dentist Cast 255 50-145gr.

The fast and incredibly powerful blank becomes gentle and brutal at the same time! A perfect hook setting, few drill escapes and easy casting. What came out of it is simply a dream rod for heavy predator fishing!

The main discipline of this rod is fishing with large rubber fish and swimbaits, but thanks to the perfect balance and rod action, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and wobblers can also be perfectly casted with. This means you can fish with it for days without getting tired.

With this rod, too, we strived for the absolute optimum in the development and testing phase and adjusted many details to ensure absolute suitability!

The rod was even able to demonstrate its capabilities in the sea during the test phase. The result here was also very convincing.

The Fuji PULS reel seat has the advantage that you no longer hold threads in your hands and can avoid pressure points on your hands. At the same time, it is locked to the reel seat and stays in place throughout the entire season!

The powerful blank sets the stop reliably in all situations and the progressive action confidently avoid all escapes and drastically minimizes the number of dropouts during the drill. If the pike hangs here, it has bad cards! Equipped with Fuji K SS Alconite (8+1) rings and Fuji VSS 16 reel seat.

Casting Weight: 45-120g
Weight: 164g
Transport Length: 115m
Characteristic: Slow
Reel Seat: Fuji VSS 16


Rod length 7' (213 - 243cm)
Casting weight (up to) 120gr
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