#LMAB Finesse Filet Craw, 10cm



New craw from #lmab

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What is this?

Since Crabs and Craws are full of proteins, fish love to feed on them. We developed a Craw with very thin arms, so that they move already very well if you just use the current or move the rod tip just a tiny bit, just like the Finesse Filet fish, that you should know already.The ends of the claws are a bit thicker, so that they start dancing when you just reel the craws in very slowly.

You can rig the Finesse Filet Craws on a Jig, Dropshot and on an offset hook. 

Hook recomendations:

10cm: Jig 2/0, Drop Shot 1/0, Offset 1/0

Length 1-5 cm
Length 6-7 cm
Length 8-10 cm
Weight 1-5 gr
Weight 6-10 gr

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New craw from #lmab