Fishingset Spinning Allround 15-50gr

  • Gunki Power Game XL Spinning, S-240H 15-50g (price: €66.91)
  • Abu Garcia Cardinal 53 FD (price: €22.24)
  • Slide Braid Iron-T, 0,149mm Fluo Green (price: €22.24)


This purchase will pay 1 998 fishcoins now!
What is this?

Gunki Power Game rod is designed for big fish (pike and big zander) using more selective tactics such as big baits or tougher venues (powerful rivers, deep reservoirs, waters where distance casting is important). 

Together with  Abu Garcia Cardinal 53 FD reel. The Cardinal reels are known for their quality in combination with an affordable price. Ideal reels for all-round spinning. And with Slide Braid Iron-T 0,149mm Olive Green and you are ready to go! 


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