Flatnose Mini - Black (10-pack)


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Rig tips:

1. Jighead size 4/0

2. On Carolina/Texas rig 4/0 offset hook.

Edvin Johansson, known from Team Galant, is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for fishing. The Flatnose Mini is his first lure for Perch fishing. The fairly small size combined with the big paddle and wide profile creates a small-sized lure that still makes a lot of noise and impressions in the water making it easy for perch to find and try to eat it.

Get Flatnose Mini together with jig heads in this bundle.

Watch the Flatnose Mini in action here!

QTY/pack 10
Size: 9cm, 7gr
Rec jighead: 4/0
Length 8-10 cm
Weight 6-10 gr
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