Gunki Gunzilla 16 cm



The name says it all!

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What is this?

GUNZILLA’s oversized tail shifts a lot of water and grabs the attention of big pike in particular. The flanks swing from right to left even at slow speeds matching the pulsing of the tail. Careful design ensures this oversized bait is easy to fish with - the sharp body shape and relative low weight for a lure of this big avoids undue strain on the rod.

Can be used with a shallow screw type rig or with heavy jig heads for distance casting and/or deep water. The GUNZILLA will not escape the attention of any nearby pike. Dorsal and stomach cavity for hooking are built in. Made from responsive long lasting rubber. This is a monster of a GUNKI lure- built to catch monsters! 

16 cm, 30,8gr. Comes in 1-pack.

Length 16-19 cm
Weight 31-40 gr
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The name says it all!