Hooligan Roach JR 15cm With Stinger

  • M-WAR Shallow Single Stinger 1/0 (price: $6.45)


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What is this?

The Hooligan Roach is a super cool pike softbait designed by Ola Rasmusson, the man behind Ola Lures. It has a wide profile and a perfect calm and natural rocking motion that has proven extremely effective for big pike.

The big paddle creates a unique motion all throughout the bait right down to the nose which sends out massive vibrations in the water. Combined with the wide profile, it's really easy for the pike to see it from a far distance.

Comes together M-WAR Shallow Single Stinger 1/0. Armed with Mustard hook size 1/0 for maximum hook ratio. The total lenght is 7,5cm. Breaking strength 30kg/60lb. Stainless Steel.

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