#LMAB The Rodfather Spinning Rod| 2,59m | 20-60g 2-piece



"The Rodfather" - a reliable rod partner for every angler

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Like the Godfather to the child, the #LMAB The Rodfather Spinning rod is a dependable choice for every angler. This rod is a good choice regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced angler. The rod is extremely fast and the blank is made of 50T Toray carbon which ensures the best feeling and bait control.

You will have the best control with any bait you choose to fish with, and every nibble from a predator will be felt in the rod, which ensures that you will not miss any bite even on those days where the predators are super careful.The rod has an enormous backbone which will set the hook properly on any distance.

The blank is covered with an ultra-fine clearcote which protects it against any external damage and make the rod last for years and years. The rod is equipped with a hook holder and the guides are Fuji Alconite K-Series in Frosted Dark Gray. They were not only chosen to look good, they also ensures good casting performance. The reel seat is a Fuji TVS which makes the reel to be safely secured to the rod and it feels very pleasant for the angler.

The handle is made from EVA material and the length is carefully developed to fit in the hand of the angler perfectly. In addition, there is a handmade carbon piece between the handle and the reel seat to ensure the balance of the rod. #LMAB The Rodfather will meet the highest demands of the demanding sportfishing angler.

Length 31+cm
Casting weight (up to) 60gr

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"The Rodfather" - a reliable rod partner for every angler