McRubber Shad 23 cm - Search and Destroy - 2 pack



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McRubber Shad is a perfect pike snack from Svartzonker.

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What is this?

McRubber Shad is just what it sounds like, a smaller "shadversion" of the original McRubber. Thanks to its thinner body, the lure still maintains a profile as big as the original but weighs less which makes it more easy to cast and sink faster.

We recommend that you use Svartzonker Stinger Tackle M on the McRubber Shad 23 cm for good hookups. This combo is great for shallow fishing. If you want to fish it in deeper water you can use Svartzonker Screw-In-Dots to make it fish at the desired depth. You can also rig it on a BFT Flexhead Pike.

23 cm, 115 g. Comes in 2-pack.

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