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Well known rubber bait from Svartzonker, perfect for pike or muskie fishing.

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The McRubber is probably one of the most allround pike baits available on the market - you can fish it very shallow if you rig it with a shallow screw or you can fish it at basically any desired depth if you rig it with a Flexhead Pike in various weigths. It has the swimming action we love - the paddle tail creates great vibes when it hoovers ahead of the pike. It's neutral density makes it really organic and fishy. This lure has caught an almost uncountable number of really big pikes the last few years.

The baby smolt color was created by Pontus Sjölund at Pikes that live in waters with a big population of trout and other salmonoids tend to grow really, really big, and they can be very selective with their food. To be on the safe side, why not serve them a baby smolt... It's also a very good allround color, especially in clear water due to it's natural appearance in the water.

Perfect to rig with the ready-to-use BFT Shallow Stinger and a BFT Flexhead Pike or a shallow screw.

21 cm, 95 gr. Comes in 2 pack.

Watch the Open Source Segment where this color was designed by our viewers by clicking this link.

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