Monkey Shad 9 cm - 12-pack Black



If you could only use one perch softbait for a whole year, this one would be a pretty perfect option...

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What is this?

Fish it on a regular jig head (size 4/0 is perfect) or on a Texas/Carolina Rig.

Monkey Shad is a new 9 cm jig mainly designed for perch fishing, but it works wonders for zander, pike and most other predatory species as well. The size makes it a great allround option for all types of waters and conditions and you will catch both many and big fish using this little piece of fish candy.

The paddle is smaller than on most other perch softbaits which gives it a much more subtle action ideal for situations when the fishing is a bit slower, in cold water or in waters with heavy fishing pressure. The slim profile in the back of the jig makes it easy for the fish to inhale the whole jig, resulting in a great hook-up ratio.

9 cm, 6 gr. Comes in 12-pack.

Length 8-10 cm
Weight 6-10 gr