Pig Shad - Crystal Clown - Bundle


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Includes our newest color Crystal Clown, a stinger and rattles!

  • Pig Shad - Crystal Clown (price: £10.58)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger - Stainless Steel (price: £6.48)
  • Bauer Power Rattles Red (price: £4.02)
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Pig Shad - Crystal Clown

The wooden Pig jerkbait is a true pike slayer, therefore the world was very pleased when Strike Pro introduced the Pig Shad as a natural follower. It has the same body shape as the Pig jerkbait but is made of soft plastics and has a big paddle tail in the back that makes the lure really behave like an injured baitfish trying to swim away from a predator.

Perfect to rig with a BFT Shallow Stinger with a BFT Flexhead Pike or a shallow screw.

23 cm, 90 gr.

BFT Shallow Stinger SS

This ready-to-use stinger works as a replacemt for your custum build tackle or rigs. Easy to use and very durable. This particular product is made out of stainless steel and has a very long lifetime, highly suitable for those who fish in salt or brackish water or those who wear and tear on their gear a lot - pro anglers, guides etc.

The BFT Shallow Stinger Stainless Steel is made of 100 lbs 7-strand Stainless Steel Wire and are equipped with two 2/0 sharp hooks. This product fits Pig Shad, McRubber and other rubber lures in similar size.

Bauer Power Rattles Red

The Bauer Power Rattle is a rattle chamber that makes a lot of noise when attached to your pike rig for fly fishing, or if you squeeze it into the body of any soft rubber bait.

20 mm, comes in 5-pack. Made in USA.

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