Pike Fishing Bundle 20% off

  • Jonny Wobbler - Herring (price: 219 kr)
  • Headbanger Tail 23 cm Sinking - Blue Silver (price: 249 kr)
  • Headbanger Shad 22 cm Sinking - Rusty Perch (price: 249 kr)
  • Nettel Laken - Crystal Pike (price: 129 kr)
  • G'Bump Contest 14cm  - Red Ghost (price: 39 kr)

708 kr(885 kr)

This purchase will pay 1 416 fishcoins now!
What is this?

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to fish with when you want to catch pike. That is why we have now put together a pike bundle and there it is also a 20% discount on the entire bundle! So get ready for the summer and catch pike! 

Bundle contains: 
1x Jonny Vobbler 13 cm - Herring
1x  Headbanger Tail 23 cm Sinking - Blue Silver
1x Headbanger Shad 22 cm Sinking - Rusty Perch 
1x Nettel Laken 28 cm - Crystal Pike 
1x G'Bump Contest 14cm - Red Ghost   
1x Gunki G'Bump 17 cm - Fera 


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