Rigs for your jigs bundle

  • Spro Jighead 4/0, 5gr (4-pack) (price: $3.73)
  • Spro Jighead 4/0, 10gr (4-pack) (price: $3.73)
  • Spro Jighead 5/0, 7gr (4-pack) (price: $3.73)
  • Spro Jighead 5/0, 21gr (3-pack) (price: $3.73)
  • M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0 (price: $7.57)
  • M-WAR Shallow Single Stinger 1/0 (price: $6.61)


This purchase will pay 558 fishcoins now!
What is this?

In this kit we have rigs that go together if you have bought the Flatnose Bundle.

It includes 2 packs of 4/0 jig heads in 5gr and 10gr that go together with the Flatnose Mini. 2 packs of 5/0 jig heads in 7gr and 21gr that fit together with Flatnose Bass. M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0, This stinger is suitable for example Flatnose ShadFlatnose DragonPig Shad JrAbu Beast Paddle/Curl/Twintail 17cm, Eastfield Downsizer 17cm and other lures in similar size. 1pcs to match Flatnose Shad 15cm and a M-WAR Shallow Single Stinger 1/0!

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