Sale Bundle "Perch Softbaits"

  • SZ McPerch Shad 7,5cm - Real Roach (price: $12.46)
  • SZ McPerch Curly 8cm - Motoroil Perch (price: $10.53)
  • Illex Nitro Shad 9cm - Ghost Perch (price: $10.53)
  • Illex Magic Z Shad 8cm - Clear Wagasaki (price: $9.56)
  • Gator Gum 7cm - Shiny Smolt (price: $6.66)
  • Westin Shadteez 7cm - Gold Rush (price: $4.73)
  • Tiny E 8,9 cm - Parrot Bleak (price: $6.66)
  • Strike King Rage Bug 10cm - California Craw (price: $7.24)
  • Z-Man TRD Hogz 7,6cm - Black / Blue (price: $6.66)


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What is this?

Introducing our Ultimate Perch Lure Bundle – a carefully curated selection of our favorite pike lures, assembled to elevate your fishing experience at an unbeatable price. 

This bundle contains: 

SZ McPerch Shad 7,5cm 8-pack

SZ McPerch Curly 8cm 8-pack

Illex Nitro Shad 9cm (6-pack)

Illex Magic Z Shad 8cm

Gator Gum 7cm 6-pack

Westin Shadteez 7cm 4-pack

Tiny E 8,9 cm 8-pack

Strike King Rage Bug 10cm (7-pack)

Z-Man TRD Hogz 7,6cm 6-pack

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