Svartzonker Stinger Tackle



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Svartzonkers own Stinger Tackle is of high quality, made with 1,1 mm stainless steel wire and two VMC 8650 treble hook in stainless permasteel.

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What is this?

This stinger tackle fits Svartzonkers own range of rubber lures as well as other rubber lures.

Svartzonker Stinger Tackle is available in three sizes:

Small 6cm 1/0

Fits McRubber Jr, the smaller versions of McRubber Tail etc. 

Medium 8,5 cm 2/0

Fits the McRubber 21 cm and McRubber shad.

Large 10 cm 3/0

Fits the Big Mcrubber.

Comes in 2 pack.

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