Edvins Baitcasting Fishingset Pike

  • NEW Gator GUMBAIT Explorer 8'1" - 140 gr (2-piece) Baitcasting (price: $205.50)
  • Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid, 0,33mm (38,1kg) - Moss Green (price: $27.99)
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If you want to upgrade your fishingset for pike this should be your first choice!

This purchase will pay 9 190 fishcoins now!
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NEW Gator GUMBAIT Explorer 8'1" - 140 gr (2-piece) Baitcasting.

One of the most sensitive casting canon on the market for tough pike fishing for bait up to 140g! 

Really lightweight blade and Typhoon Stainless guides, you get one of the most sensitive pike rods on the market for tough pike fishing.
Gator Gumbait is a new 8'1” rod produced by Alexander "LeechZilla” Lexén. This rod is designed with stealth and and a touch of custom built. With the super-light blade and Typhoon Stainless guides gives you optimal contact with the bait in the water with a really strong backbone for easily put the hooks into the big crocodiles that you fooled. The rod is specially designed for jig fishing, tail fishing, lighter wobbler / crank / jerk fishing.
Rods are delivered in a cool sock to protect your rod during transport and all parts are salt water resistant.
Shimano Curado K 301 Left Hand Baitcasting Reel

Tournament-tough quality and superb dependability, Shimano built the Curado 301 for anglers who aren’t just chasing fish but those targeting quality over quantity. Incorporating a deep 301-size spool intended for heavy-pound line and the needed capacity for extra-long casts, the Curado 300 features a long handle with wide-grip knobs to provide anglers with the extra power that’s necessary when pulling on big fish

At the backbone of the Curado 301 lies its rigid HAGANE Body that prevents flex when that giant finally decides to commit. Built to fish big baits for big fish, Shimano created the Curado 301 to perform and never back down.

301 HG Left Hand

Weight: 295
Bearings: 5+1
Gear ratio: 6.6:1
Max Drag: 8kg

SpiderWire® Stealth® Smooth 12 Braid is tightly woven with 12 PE fibres to create a tight, round braid that is strong and sensitive. It is silky smooth, thin and soft, causing it to be quiet through the guides.

• Woven with 12 PE fibres for a tight, round
braid that is strong, sensitive, smooth and quiet
• Soft and limp for long, effortless casts
• Knots clinch effortlessly and securely
0,33mm (38,1kg) - Translucent