Tobias Perch Bundle 5 Hardbaits (Team Galant)

  • Berkley DEX Chatterbait TG 11g - Pearl White (price: 109 kr)
  • Berkley DEX Chatterbait TG 11g - Blue Back Charteuse (price: 109 kr)
  • Shimano Bantam World Minnow - 011 Kyorin CN (price: 229 kr)
  • Berkley DEX Mullet Walker - White Chart (price: 109 kr)
  • Berkley® Zilla Lipless 11cm - Rudd (price: 159 kr)
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669 kr(725 kr)

Very effective bundle when hunting for the Perch!

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What is this?

Hardbaits is a great choice when you want to vary your fishing methods. It can be fished at different depths and retrieved at different speeds, allowing anglers to tailor their presentation to the preferences of the fish.

Hardbaits can be effective for fishing around cover and structure, as the lure can be bounced off of rocks, logs, or other underwater features to trigger a bite.

In this bundle you can find different types and colors to cover all the situations you can imagine! Very effective bundle when hunting for the Perch!

Bundle contains:

Berkley DEX Chatterbait TG 11g - Pearl White
Berkley DEX Chatterbait TG 11g- Blue Back Charteuse
Shimano Bantam World Minnow Flash Boost - 011 Kyorin CN
Berkley DEX Mullet Walker 9cm - White Chart
Berkley® Zilla Lipless 11cm - Rudd