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Kanalgratis Official Christmas Calendar 2023



The best-seller is back! Kanalgratis Christmas calendar 2023 is now available for pre-orde...

Edvin's Perch Bundle 1 Finesse Team Galant


This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!

Team Galant Perch Spinningset Finesse


Fishing set-up for perch fishing. This combination of gear is perfect for a variety of dif...

Team Galant's favorite perch lures


This bundle is with some of Tobias Ekvall and Edvin Johansson's favorite lures for perch f...

Tobias Perch Bundle 1 Slow/Cold water fishing (Team Galant)


This is Tobias favorite lures for cold water fishing for perch. In this bundle you get 30 ...

Tobias Perch Bundle 3 Finesse (Team Galant)


Finesse fishing is a technique that involves using lighter tackle and lures in an effort t...