The ultimate fishing kit for new and experienced anglers of all ages! This fishing kit requires no prior knowledge, as everything is pre-tied and comes with instructions in both video format and a physical booklet. With Multifish kit, you can feel confident, as it comes with Sweden's first *catch guarantee ✅ If you don't catch any fish, you get your money back. Note! Limited Edition, pre-order only! Delivery during week 29.

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What is this?

This kit has been developed by Tobias Ekvall and Edvin Johansson from Team Galant, focusing on catching various species and maintaining competition-quality in both the rod and the accompanying equipment. We have taken the most challenging and best aspects of fishing and made them simple and accessible. Everything is pre-tied, so you don’t need to tie a single knot, not even if the line breaks! The kit contains nearly 20 different products, and you save almost 1,000 SEK by purchasing everything as a kit compared to buying each product individually.

The kit easily catches species such as perch, roach, trout, whitefish, bream, and many more. We include two ready-to-use float sets. One is a 2g float with a smaller size 12 hook for smaller fish like bleak and minnows, and the other is a slightly larger 3g float with a size 6 hook for tench, bream, and large perch.

Watch as Tobias and Edvin from Team Galant share more details and showcase the kit in this video here!


- Fishing rod: Tobias Ekvall Edition with stonfo-top (quick attachment) to avoid knotting
- Exclusive Team Galant backpack (available in 2 colors) with several useful features
- Exclusive Multimete measuring board
- Information booklet with length charts for each species
- Bait box with space for extra hooks and weights
- 2 pre-tied and rigged line winders with floats featuring fluorescent tops, and weights of 2 and 3 grams
- Extra pack of hooks, sizes 12 and 6 Wide Gap, 10 hooks in each pack
- Extra main line 0.22 millimeters
- 8 extra pre-tied leaders 0.20 millimeters thick with hooks tied on and loop-to-loop function
- Box with extra weights and sinkers of all kinds for the kit
- Spade for digging up worms if you run out during trips or to euthanize fish
- Yo-yo clipper for cutting line/leader (so children don't need to carry a knife)
- Pliers with clip-on attachment and cord to prevent losing it in the water when unhooking fish
- Ventilated professional and practical worm box with clasp and snap lock


By purchasing the kit, you are exclusively qualified to compete with us if you wish! Fish and earn fishing badges for your catches in gold, silver, and bronze. You can also receive a diploma signed by Tobias Ekvall and Edvin Johansson from Team Galant and be featured on Kanalgratis official Instagram account! With the exclusive measuring board included in the kit, you can measure your catches and send them to us to be rewarded with exclusive pins to decorate your backpack or clothes. The pins cost 49 SEK each, with 10 SEK per pin donated to a charitable cause, which we will reveal in episode 24 of the 2024 Christmas Calendar on our YouTube channel.


The Team Galant 'TG' backpack is a small but highly functional bag that you can use in various ways. The padded straps can be combined or split into two using a zipper, and you can adjust their placement with the carabiners. Hide the shoulder straps in the rear pocket of the backpack if you prefer using the included neck strap and wear the bag on your chest. This way, you can rest your arms on it while fishing and use the drink holder at the bottom.

The backpack features numerous pockets, buckles, and D-rings to attach whatever you might need for your fishing day. The backpack comes in two colors, black and gray, and is only available in the Multimete kit.

The rods fit with or without a case in the right straps on the outside of the backpack. Insert the rod from underneath.


Fishing Rod - Tobias Ekvall Edition.
Developed by experienced anglers, including Tobias Ekvall himself, and inspired by the fishing kit Tobias used to win the Swedish Championship in fishing in 2011, both individually and as part of a team.

Made of carbon fiber and weighing only about 100g, it is easy to handle for everyone despite its length of nearly 4 meters. When collapsed, the rod is about 120cm long and is best stored in the included case. The fishing rod is equipped with a stonfo-top, a feature that eliminates the need to tie the line to the top, allowing you to quickly attach and detach the line using the pre-tied loops on the lines included in the Multimete kit.

Multifish kit is so easy to use and successful at catching fish with our instructions that we offer a *bite guarantee. This means you get your money back if you don't catch any fish. The bite guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase of the kit.

Before contacting us, please try the following steps to ensure the bite guarantee is valid:

- Fish in at least 3 different lakes or water bodies and move frequently, about every 5-10 minutes if you haven't had any contact with fish where you are.
- Use worms for bait.
- It can be crucial to fish between May and September. During other times, the water is usually too cold, making it much harder to find fish. This can also vary depending on where in the country or the world you live.

Have you tried the above and still not caught any fish? Contact us at [email protected] and provide your order number from when you purchased the kit.

Do you need to buy a new measuring board for your Multimete kit? Contact [email protected] and provide your order number from your Multimete purchase.


Pre-order pre-pay your Multimete now and ensure you get it this summer. The number of kits is very limited during the first year. The Multimete kit is expected to be shipped to you during week 29.

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The ultimate fishing kit for new and experienced anglers of all ages! This fishing kit req...