Photofish M-WAR Baby Lobster 10cm,10gr, 8-pack

What is so special with the Baby Lobster is that it immitates a small realistic lobster! The small details is well thought of and very functional which has proven to be extremely effective to get the perch to bite.

It moves extremely nice in the water with many different types of rigs such as normal jighead, Ned Head and with the discrete hook slot in the back it goes well with an offset hook that is completely hidden to avoid getting stuck in grass and logs. With the big claws and the protruding legs that gives a lot of vibration, the Baby Lobster is a great lure to trigger the fish to bute. A perfect bait to bring on those days where nothing else seems to be working and the perch are inactive and standing at the bottom.

The food for a perch is normally small whitefish such as roach, but in som waters the more common food is small creatures and crawfish, this is where the Baby Lobster will deliver at its best!

10cm, 10gr - 8pcs. 


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M-WAR Baby Lobster is a new creaturebait developed by our own designer Edvin Johansson.