Monkey Fry 10-pack 10cm



Our favorite bait for drop shot fishing!

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The Monkey Fry 10cm is the new bigger version of the popular Monkey Fry 7cm.  The subtle movement makes it perfect for waters with heavy fishing pressure and when conditions aren’t ideal - falling air pressure, cold weather, rain etcetera. It’s also a great lure for catching LOTS of fish due to the small size.

While most lures imitate baitfish like minnows or small roach, this one looks more like a small sculpin, eelpout or goby, which are both common food for perch and other predators in many waters - both in lakes, rivers and in the archipelago. If you don’t have any lures imitating sculpin, eelpout or goby, it’s a good idea to get yourself some and try - sometimes it’s like dynamite!

We mostly fish the Monkey Fry on a dropshot rig but it can also be fished on a small jig head or Texas/Carolina Rig bouncing on the bottom. Try to make longer pauses every now and then, often the perch pick them up from the bottom!

Comes in 10 pack. 10cm, 6gr. 

Longueur 8-10 cm
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Our favorite bait for drop shot fishing!